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Welcome To Crazy For Ringtone… This is Whistle Special Ringtones Uploaded All High-Quality Ringtones. Download Now! 😋

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Whistle Humming

Whistle Mix

Whistle bf

Whistle 2

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  • Whistle Humming
  • Whistle Mix Ringtone
  • Mecchuko Ringtone
  • Whistle bf
  • Whistle 2 Ringtone

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Whistling through your lips

If you want to whistle your favorite tunes, you’ll need to learn to whistle out of your mouth using your lips.

Here’s how:

  1. Wet your lips and pucker them.
  2. Blow air through your lips, softly at first. You should hear a tone.
  3. Blow harder, keeping your tongue relaxed.
  4. Adjust your lips, jaw, and tongue to create different tones.

Option 2: Whistling with your fingers

This type of whistling is great for getting someone’s attention or catching a cab.

To whistle with your fingers:

  1. With your thumbs facing you and holding down your other fingers, place the tips of your two pinkies together to form an A shape. You may also use your index fingers, or your thumb and index finger on one hand.
  2. Wet your lips and tuck your lips inward over your teeth (as if you’re a baby whose teeth haven’t come in yet).
  3. Push your tongue back on itself with the tips of your pinkies until your first knuckles reach your lip.
  4. Keeping your tongue folded, your lips tucked, and your fingers in your mouth, close your mouth tightly. The only opening should be between your pinkies.
  5. Blow gently. Air should only come out of the opening between your pinkies. If you feel air escaping anywhere else, your mouth isn’t closed all the way.
  6. Once you’re sure you’re in the right position, blow harder until you hear a high-pitched sound.

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