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Top Love Ringtone Of Ekkadiki Movie . Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada Is a Telugu Movie is a supernatural-romantic thriller film.

Plot In summary

Arjun falls in love with a woman who reminds him of his ex-girlfriend but leaves him without giving any reason. When he goes to look for her, he finds out that she was possessed by a spirit, Amala.

Ekkadiki Background Music

Chirunama Ringtone

Neetho Ante Chalu


Movie Review

Of the opening credits, Ekadiki Pothuv Chinnavada wants to know you more – awaiting you “what’s next”. And the entire film carries the same mood. Every time you feel that the narrative is slowing down, a new twist or advancement keeps you hooked. What was disappointing, however, was that while the trailer had increased the film’s enigmatic angle so much, the film had little to offer itself for those looking for a supernatural fix. A little backstory on the process of Vaidyulu, and आत्माओं the Souls ‘well’ (a pool of water where imprisoned souls were immersed in the lamps) must have fed the audience’s intrigue. The love story on the other hand was well taken care of. For the most part, characterization, storytelling, and logic accompanied this one.

Despite a barrage of twists, which become predictable, tedious, and sometimes unnecessary toward the end, the Ekkadiki Pothuvu cling to the Chinnwara plot. It also deviates into some forced comedy sequences – run-of-the-mill jokes could be dispensed with references to Pawan Kalyan. But an attempt was made to keep them relevant to the ongoing plot. Adding a few one-liners that mention the cash crunch was a good last minute to keep up with the audience’s current mood.

Watching for newbie Nandita Swetha. Her performance as a woman obsessed with love was commendable. He managed to find a balance well between “crazy-in-love” and “crazy-because-I-have-me”. Nikhil was his general while Hebah Patel’s conscious screen presence changed slightly.

Director V Anand seems to have found a way to present the unusual style of a romantic thriller. A fascinating thriller and a seductive story – Ekadaki Pothuv Chinnavada is an honest story that is well given.

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